Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Firefighter Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. About Us

    Our website was built by former members of Paul Landry, Joe Walker, Jack Alexander and Jim Ennis in the winter of 2018 and was officially launched on 20 Jan 2018. We are online to provide a venue for our Fire Service Personnel to reunite with their friends through our active discussion forums. is privately owned and operated by Paul Landry who is the Webmaster. Jim, Jack, and Joe are advisors and share the workload of running and maintaining the website.

    Mission Statement of

    Our mission is to provide a venue for Defence Fire Service Personnel to reunite with their friends. Our Forum system is not intended to be a Reading Forum but rather an active Discussion Forum and all members are encouraged to partake in the forum discussions


    Open to Canadian Defence Fire Service Personnel and invited Guests as approved by the Webmaster. All members must follow the forum rules to maintain their membership. All members are asked to read our Privacy Policy at app.php/privacy-policy


    Rule # 1:
    website is a rank-free zone. The only place where rank shall be used will be in the Firefighter Memorials and Anecdotes.

    Rule # 2: All forum posts shall be courteous and respectful towards all other members and any persons being referred to. Do not post messages containing written or graphic sexual content or offensive messages that offend any person or group in regard to race, sexual orientation, color, creed or ethnic origin. Any questionable posts shall be deleted and the member will be warned or banned.

    Rule # 3: Members shall give careful consideration to the content of their posts in regard to what subject matter their own organization will permit them to put on a public forum. Messages pertaining to military policy, operations, personnel, conditions of service or any other subject matter of this nature shall be entered upon with care. Any questionable posts shall be deleted and the member will be warned or banned.

    A bit of History

    The history of the name Igni Obstare and why we chose it for the website. When the Canadian Forces Fire Academy (CFFA) was formed in 1985/86 the official badge was designed by CFFA staff with its Latin motto to be approved by the Queen of England. The first attempt at Latin by the Fire Academy was rejected by D/Ceremony NDHQ as it meaning turned out to be “The Art of Causing Fires”. Embarrassed a correction was quickly made to the motto by experts in Ottawa in Latin to read "Igni Obstare" meaning - “Standing Against Fire”.

    It was sent off to England and signed by the Queen and became the badge and crest of CFFA. The Fire Academy is long gone but we like to preserve the history of our trade if only to remember our motto of past times!

    Of note, L/Col MacLean OMM, CD (CFFM retd) quickly picked up the motto for his book .."Standing Against Fire" the history of our Fire Service and many military firefighters today sign off their messages/emails with the motto: Igni Obstare! It's a natural winner of a name for us all!

    ~ Brought To You By Jim, Jack, and Paul ~